What clients say

Due to the sensitive and confidential nature of many of Rapid Cessation's interventions the following are only a selection of anonymous client feedback; however, in conjunction with client testimonials at the SuperCoach site they provide confirmation of our credibility and are available for independent verification.

'Smoking wise, I have not touched a cigarette and I think my biggest test took place during the past few days whereby I was socialising with many smokers whilst drinking and was not even phased. Sounds bizarre but I actually feel as if I have never smoked.'

Z M-B: Marketing - Dubai

'I don't believe in miracles but this is the closest I have come to changing my mind. The change has been tremendous.'

C H: Global software developer - Moscow

'Helping me to conquer my fear of flying has rescued my career opportunities.'

S S: Creative Director - London

'The session seemed quite mundane and it was only afterwards that I realised I was totally in control for the first time in years. I didn't even want to smoke. It was weird.'

S W: Head of Search - London

'The work you did with my team has been outstanding and I would not have believed the change could be so fast and long lasting.'

U T: CEO, Europe - Switzerland

'The change has been stunning in so little time. To think of all the years I wasted ...'

T T: Head of Global Assett Management - New York

'The de-stressing has been particularly useful. I can think clearly now and make better decisions.

M B: CEO Marketing - Geneva

'The session itself was very straightforward, but the after effects of having no desire to smoke was astonishing.'

M B: Partner, Search - Dubai

'Even years afterwards I know that the afternoon session we had has had a tremendous impact on my career.'

T B: Global sofware - London

'I still can't work out how these simple sessions work so quickly or so well.' 

B H: Head of Global Software - Boston

'In my opinion, Max has the insight and ability to transfer the structure of success into a series of behaviours that can be learned and implemented easily.' 

J C: Partner, Financial Services - London

'Today I am the President and CEO of an investment company in Japan. I am still applying the principles I learned from you…'.

J D: President, Financial Services - Japan

'What seemed to be a straightforward - I might even say mundane - session has had a tremendous effect on me. Many thanks.' 

N F: Creative Director - London

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