With the Rapid Cessation approach there is no need to attend a consultation or clinic - all that is needed is two to three hours spare time, a place to relax and a telephone or computer.

The only requirement from you is a commitment to stop the  addiction, an open mind and willingness to engage in frank, open dialogue. 

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The first part of the session is a diagnostic to determine the most effective approach and process effective for you. In the event that medication, patches or other aid is recommended the session will be terminated at no cost to yourself and any monies paid will be refunded in full.

The second part of the session involves using a combination of techniques starting from clearing the system through to eradicating the physical desire that drives the addiction. 

Your guarantee is that in the unlikely event that further sessions are needed within a year following the first treatment they will be conducted completely free of any further fees.

This is a permanent solution. Guaranteed.

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