Phobic reactions and stress

A phobic reaction is where a reaction to a stimulus is irrational or disproportionally high given the nature of the stimulus. For example, it would be normal for a person to jump up or even scream if a large spider were to suddenly appear; however, it would be a phobic reaction if someone simply said the word, 'spider' and it get the same reaction.

We should all have a healthy and appropriate reaction to: 




Traumatic events

Being in confined spaces and so on.

Phobic reactions to the above can be personally distressing and often career-limiting.  These can be reduced to an appropriately safe level in one, two-hour Rapid Cessation telephone session. 

This is a permanent solution. Guaranteed.

Stress is significantly reduced by the same simple telephone process; however, psychological stress, inherent in certain personality types, is best dealt with by teaching them stress reduction techniques and will require an additional session in order to do that.

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