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Ten years ago I was an ashtray-filling 60 cigarettes a day man: so I speak from experience.

I put the methods, skills and processes I had learned over a number of years to use and can categorically state I have never had the faintest desire to smoke again and am not bothered in the slightest by heavy smoking around me.

As an incidental part of my international consultancy and coaching practice (see SuperCoach) I utilised the techniques I learnt to help conquer phobic reactions, alcohol abuse, smoking, many behavioural issues and extreme stress. 

These techniques involving a combination of leading-edge technology, holistic methods and advanced neuro-psychology are fast, effective and, for the most part, permanent.

My clients are all time-poor and are predominately concerned with value for time so over the years I travelled less and less and conducted an ever increasing percentage of my time utilising the telephone in my consultancy practice.

Exactly the same results are achieved via the telephone as in face-to-face consultations!

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